Monday, July 20, 2015

China: Extraordinary Marriage Customs Documentary

Fascinating Marriage Customs (China Anthropology 101)

Monogamy such as you know it in some parts of the Western world is not practised within some ethnic groups nor do the protocols of dating or courtship etiquette (again as is accepted in the modern West) apply either. In fact if you practised some of these outside of these regions in China you could get into serious trouble! Watch the amazing video above to see just how "unusual" (for you and me but not if you were born into such ethnic groups) these ancient, traditional customs are especially if you have not been aware of their existence in the world prior to this. (Prepare to adjust your mind-set about romance, love and partnering...)

This fascinating documentary also shows how well matriach-led societies or cultural groups fare where women take charge of practically every aspect of life and are also allowed to choose their partners ("walking marriage") and are not tied to any one of them unless they choose to make the relationship 'monogamous'. This "open marriage" concept absolutely would NOT work in other parts of the world especially in regions where men are seen to be and accepted as the dominant gender socially.