Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Should You Send Valentine Greetings to Those in the Friend Zone?

Not sure what to send on Valentine's Day to those in your Friend Zone? You know the ones who fancy you but who you don't regard as dating potentials  but still wish to keep as friends?  

They sent you 'Valentine's Day Greetings' and you feel you should reciprocate in order not to hurt their feelings, but not in the way they hope, so what should you do?


Well send them some cool music, or video greetings that are platonic but friendly, so you don't raise their hopes in vain, or make them feel like they are the 'leftovers' in your group (especially if they ARE the only singles left amongst your mates) but warm enough to show you appreciate their freindship and support. (Valentine's Day is really a tough time for those still in SINGLETON Town!)

And vice versa, if you were the one who was infatuated with someone else who has allocated you to the Never Never Land of the Friend Zone, the same advice applies. Send 'safe' greetings so you don't spill your beans and drive 'Friends' away! You will need to strategise on how you can turn that Friend into a Lover later but at this stage, hold your fire! Remember timing is everything, you don't want to scare them away prematurely or give them reason to reject or ridicule your feelings. Send greetings similar to this:

How To Get Out of the Dreaded Friend Zone This Valentine

If you think they are starting to warm up to you, change your strategy and try sending them something suggestive like this (afterall it's Valentine's Day and you can be excused for your 'love excesses'):

Next, send them valentine videos that are hotter and seductive as they get more bitten and smitten by you! Nothing aggressive, nothing crude! Just video greetings with great vibes, as you tread softly, softly. The point is to awaken their hibernating desires, to make them see you in in other ways than platonic.

Needless to say you have to work on your image or other issues that detract from your attractiveness and / or sexuality at the same time. The brain is the sexiest organ in the body so work on that and alter their perception of you ... drastically, then you'll see results even without physical contact, until the time is right for both of you.

You'll know when you have reached that watershed point: when you wake up one day and start to take notice of that 'friend' that you've come to rely on and like. You 'see' them with new eyes. You notice their good points, suddenly they're more attractive ... you have greater or new found admiration for their qualities or achievements which you didn't notice or maybe these didn't surface before. The good news is, it's a much easier transition from 'friend' to lover because the trust, friendship and compatibility already exists. Often it's the best kind of foundation to build a lasting relationship on (so long as 'chemistry' [mutual physical desire] is added to the romantic equation).

That's the way to go, slow but steady away from your Friend Zone to the ... Red Hot Zone till you hit the Jackpot! Strike while 'Love is in the Air' when the Force is all around you; transform yourself from Friend Fred or Wallflower Wanda to Red Hot Lucky Lips and snag a Beau this Valentine. Above all have fun ... flirting and dating!