Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secrets of the Sexes: How Men and Women Love & Lust

Secrets of the Sexes: Science Documentaries on Love and Lust - Understanding Men & Women Better

Although Science attempts to test theories eg. the perfect face (beautiful people have very precise and specific proportions for their facial features), similar face match (if your partner has similar face characteristics to you, the theory has it that that would be your perfect match, barring psychological factors), and indeed there has been useful insights resulting from research into this area, there are still many factors at work that Science at present, cannot account for, when couples pair up. This makes sense as these theories taken on their own are just too simplistic. Mating behaviour is far more complex than that.

However there are still useful tips to be gleaned from these real life, real people, well-organised, social experiments, eg. see Episode 2, where even a perfect face match won't help if you are going to grill all the candidates you meet on speed dating (or if your tone and outlook is too far left or too far right of the typical stereotype)! Or if you fake the real you or come on as too easy in order to score dates, you may end up with many first dates initially but nothing that will lead to long term success. Also see the notable difference in the more positive perception by the opposite sex when you use a good stylist to recast your image?

For some people science research cues can narrow the scope of available suitors in their dating pool but overall you still need to use the conventional methods of dating (which nowadays very much include online dating) and then apply your own judgement when you pick 'the one'. It's still a numbers game. Just make sure you don't discard matches that could be very suitable if they don't impress you immediately as being 'cool'. They could be 'slow starters or burners' and that's actually a good thing for long term success because it shows staying power.

You want a tortoise not a hare, in the Mating Race especially if you're looking for parent-material for your family-to-be. Initially though, fast /speed dating can be useful because you can quickly cull out those who are 'not your type' without going on countless dates with them - this would save you time and frustration.

Btw a sense of humour helps with any dating situations. That's not surprising at all because humour diffuses the effects of cortisol, a stress hormone released when you're feeling anxious or out of your comfort zone as you would be when meeting new dating prospects.

Tip: Use these valuable resources in conjunction with others such as Secret Phrases or Guy magnet (for women) or Love toolkit for men.