Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine Novelty Gift Ideas

Valentine Novelty Gift Ideas To Pamper Your Love!


This lovely gift set says it all. Surprise your loved one when you both turn in for the night (after your romantic dinner celebration) with even more romance with this cute, pillow case set embellished with "I love you" and "I love you more" declarations ... a surefire winner! Bound to recharge your Love battery for the rest of the new year!




Eye-Catching Peacock Necklace for a Special Woman

Pretty Jewelry Retro Bohemia Style Pendant Opal Phoenix Peacock Necklace. Order up to 5 necklaces for 1 shipping fee only.





iPhone 4 / 4 S Love Case

Snap-on Case Compatible with Apple® iPhone 4 / 4S, White with Giraffe Couple "My Heart Belongs to You" Rear x Matching 2-Pack - His and Hers, His and His, or Hers and Hers.


16 Romantic, Humorous Gift Coupons for couples at any age. These never expire and are great for sharing year 'round. Make your irresistable offer to someone special. Give the gift that keeps on giving ... from the Heart!

Long Distance Love, Pillow Case Gift Set

You're Worth Every Mile Couple Pillowcases - Cute,
Long DistanceRelationships,
Romantic Valentine's Day

Gifts for Distant Couples


4EVER Cute, Romantic Chinese Lovers Kiss with Double Happiness Chinese Character, Couple Matching Keychain (With Gift Box)


Adorable, huggable, popular: Cupid Pooch the friendly, Valentine's Dog that never needs feeding is looking for a good home!


A fun, romantic coupon book for anyone in love. Whether you are dating or been married for 50 years, this humorous coupon book will give your lover discounts and cute freebies to keep you occupied for months! Contains 22 beautifully illustrated coupons.


Titanium Pendant Necklace Matching Love Set: 'Keep Me In Your Heart' Valentine's Gift, with Gift Box for Couple

Novelty Valentine Greeting Cards
Valentine Greetings - 'You are a Nice Kitty, Fluffs. But I Loves him More'n You' - Original Vintage Postcard



This fun-filled volume includes folklore, rituals, songs, and literature surrounding our most romantic holiday, with images of over 200 antique valentines.




Baby Grand Piano Pop Up Melody Greeting Card - 15 Classical Melodies

Innovative miniature sleek black finish Baby Grand Piano Greeting Card, 6.2 inch X 4.2 inch classy pop-up 3 dimensional piece of artwork. Lid lifts up to reveal interior of piano once opened into 3D effect when you press button "15 enchanting classical masterpiece melodies" comes on.


Not your usual kind of V-card



Gift Cards via E-mail
Pick your own Design.
'No need to lie about liking Valentine's gift.'


Gift Cards via E-mail 
Pick your own Design.
'You're trending on my Twitter Feed'

Gift Cards via E-mail
Pick your own Design.
'Let's run into my exes.'

Zombie Brains Valentine's
Day, Funny Paper Card

Tickle His Romantic Fancy with this Saucy Cologne!

More Valentine's Day Gifts - See Lingerie Gallery to View Latest Fashions

Tons of saucy lingerie to view for gift ideas for Her. Easy to shop discreetly!
Black, red, lace, satin ... your choice; also plus sizes available for some styles.
Perfumes complement lingerie and chocolate gifts beautifully
for a powerful, multi-sensory and sensual package.

Perfumes & Fragrances for Men and Women
Passion & Beauty Ideas
His & Hers Jewelry Sets: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Seeking matching jewelry sets for both of you? Check out the vast selection here.
Suits any budget, they are well designed and superhot!

Love Jewelry Gallery: Celebrate Love & Romance

Don't forget to rekindle the flame of your relationship this Valentine
by being thoughtful and well prepared to surprise your Loved One
with a 'Passionate' Gift, Novelty Gift or just traditional Valentine Gifts...
Don't forget to send Valentine Greetings to complete the Day!

It doesn't have to be fancy just don't forget, because your sweetheart loves to be pampered
especially on this One Special Day of the Year. You're investing in Happiness. 
Invest your Time, Energy and Attention on the One you Love and it will 
Turbo Charge your Love Life  for the Rest of the Year.

Wherever you are spending this great day,
we hope you enjoy a Fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy & Send Romantic Valentine Video Greetings