Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is Love Blind? Do Looks Matter? Dating in the Dark

Is Love Blind? Do Looks Matter? 
Could You Find Love by Dating in the Dark?
Boy Meets Girl in the Dark (Australian Dating in the Dark)

It seems to be a less inhibiting way of getting acquanted with your dating partners ... fast!

At least when you get to see them you can decide whether to hang around or leave - if the other person does not match your (visual) expectations and vice versa.

The advantage is that you get the chance to know their personalities a little better using your senses apart from sight. Looks however are important as ultimately for some couples personality alone is not sufficient reason for continuing their relationship (even when both participants felt some 'chemistry' in the dark.)

However it also appears that looks alone are not sufficient to compensate for the lack of common ground - ie. similarities in beliefs, interests, etc.

An interesting experiment that perhaps more people should try, at least once.  The benefit you gain is more insight into what you really want in a partner and to develop and trust your instincts and judgement -
apart from relying mainly or over-relying on SIGHT to screen partners who otherwise may be quite SUITABLE for long term relationships
 - when it comes to dating.

It could be that today's 'disposable' dating mentality and easy access to fast social meet-ups may be causing us to squander too many chances at happiness because of unrealistic expectations and a focus on quantity rather than quality, and on superficial rather than important personal traits.

Traits that in the past, before the Net and Speed dating, were vital in ensuring the cohesion and survival of the family unit rather than, say, physical traits like height (but women do like men to be taller than themselves!).

Perhaps the diminishing importance of male 'provider' traits could be linked to the growing economic power that as a group women now enjoy much more than their grandmothers ever did, and the immense emancipation and independence that such power brings!