Monday, October 27, 2014

How To MASTER Online Dating to Find A SPOUSE

Picky is good if you know what you want. Even if you are not up to it - viz. data mining and extrapolation - you will glean some great cues from Amy's 'Research' into Online Dating that will help you to get closer to finding 'THE ONE', that is for those of you who are looking for marriage and not just short-term flings. Watch this great video! (The general principles can also be applied by men looking for a wife).

Using algorithms actually make sense for online dating sites when you come to think of it. Because most dating sites have many members, you need to have some tool / systematic criteria to narrow down your choices - quickly - especially if you live in a populous city with many eligible singles. For women whose biological clock is ticking past child-bearing years, the race is on to find suitable, spousal material fast.

If you can find or create an automated system or app for this, it will save you alot of time and frustration. APPS and similar algorithms are in fact, the ideal way to narrow down your field to a manageable short list because of their speed and grunt for this kind of work.

More importantly this list would have filtered out all but the most suitable candidates, leaving you with the creme-de-la-creme of dating possibilities to check out, date and...even marry (if they scored 1050! :)

These days more and more singles are increasingly using online dating sites to find dates because they are busier than ever at work compared to their counterparts of a decade ago and therefore have less personal time for dating.

Also the rise and rise of mobile devices and social media and the increasing addiction to them, have contributed to the problem as these encroach into personal and work time and leave many of us more time-impoverished than ever. (Look to the right and left of you everytime you are in a public place and you will find people totally engrossed with their phones).  This is especially worse for those who are less self-disciplined or organised to begin with. And for those who are single parents.

Which leads us to the conclusion that online dating sites is the way to go for busy people provided you use their algorithms with caution. Stack the odds further by:
  • setting up a very accurate profile (be very honest, avoid vagueness)
  • of 97 words in length (more might suggest you're smart but to get dates..)
  • using non-specific descriptions & references (leave room for imagination)
  • being less intimidating (use {friendlier} words like fun, girl, funny. etc.)
  • realising that most people's profiles don't match up to the reality
  • using your own algorithms / apps as well - to whittle down the list faster
  • sticking to your rules eg. dating threshold of 650 pts? Set your criteria.
  • last but not least, it's ok to show some skin (for women) but not too much.

In other words, even if you cannot extrapolate like Amy you still stand to gain from her insights by applying the tips she has already mentioned in the video above. Like her you can still have fun even if you are deadly serious about your mission to find the most suitable partner in your entire city! Like her being picky, analytical and thorough without compromising your standards can get you your - Perfect Match!  

Therefore it appears that thoroughly planning your tactical manoeuvres for Online Dating Mastery, like the way an Air Marshal plans for Air Supremacy in a War Room can actually pay huge, marital dividends and could be the way to go for Singles who are up to this no-mean Challenge!
 Is this your dating problem? Lucky you if you're the "chasee"!

Or is your dating experience more like this?
 When it could be like this? (Source)