Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to STOP His STRAYING EYES and Focus on YOU Instead

Is your man always staring at other women?  Are you tired of your man always chasing superficial fantasies fueled by his wandering, ogling, roving eyes?

Are the gazes he keeps giving other women making you angry, jealous, embarassed, insulted or causing you to feel less than enough? Perhaps you're reaching your melting point without realising this because you've been suppressing your resentment at his behaviour for so long?

Do you ever wonder why he so easily lets his eyes lead his heart instead of his heart leading his eyes?  If only you knew how to stop his straying eyes!  Dare you say it? Yes, his ... cheating eyes!!
That's how you feel when he ogles other women - something akin to (intellectual, emotional and visual) infidelity!  And that is technically speaking what it amounts to, for the wife or partner. It's not a good feeling, in fact you may even feel a knot in your tummy everytime it happens, and you can never get used to it especially if it happens on your anniversary, birthday or other important days that you're supposed to be celebrating about - together.
But when a man gives his wife the gift of heart AND eyes at home, he's telling her that she can live her life without the constant feelings of competition other women face. He's telling her the love he has for her is a safe place for the love she has for him.
When a man gives his wife the gift of heart and eyes at home, he's telling her she can live her life without constant fear of quicksand commitment. He's telling her the foundation she's trusting her emotions to is a place of safety and security for her heart.

The heart of a man will indulge in what he gives it an appetite for. So how do you get him to keep his eyes on the PRIZE .... prize being YOU - his wife, woman or partner?
Find out here > How to inspire him to keep his eyes on - YOU - ONLY!

How to Stop Him Staring at Other Women!!
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is Love Blind? Do Looks Matter? Dating in the Dark

Is Love Blind? Do Looks Matter? 
Could You Find Love by Dating in the Dark?

Boy Meets Girl in the Dark (Australian Dating in the Dark)