Monday, February 10, 2014

Romance China Style - Speed Dating, Modern Matchmaking, Dating Beliefs & Practices

Taking a Look at Romance China Style

The Dating Game - China
"Dating may be new to China but stereotypes never go out of fashion (2007)."

Romance Chinese Style - Part One

Dating, Speed dating, Modern Matchmaking in China

Romance Chinese Style - Part Two



China's Female Millionaires:  Matchmaking, Speed Dating, 'Leftovers', Chinese Valentine

Leftover Women of China

Fast forward the dating scene 2012: Gathering speed & efficiency, rise of the Dating Entrepreneurs, globalisation - western concepts of romance creeping into traditional ideas and practices (eg. kissing, showing/ displaying affection physically on both sides especially the males, speed dating, online dating, modern ideas of courtship) and more time and energy is spent on affairs of the heart instead of on other matters (other matters having been attained eg. basic needs, cf. Maslow's hierarchy of needs).

However traditional practices are still prevalent eg. parents gathering at 'matchmaking parks' to advertise on behalf of, and to look for partners for, their daughters - very common in China and everyone (singles, parents and the general public) takes this practice in their stride. One thing that's still prevalent though is the notion that if a single woman is not married by 28 years of age she will be regarded as a 'leftover' woman (viz. spinster / bachelorette but with a more derogatory implication in China). With increasing Chinese women becoming very successful, rich and independent in the modern marketplace of the PRC this trend of 'Leftover Women' looks likely to continue and even accelerate.

If you're looking for really rich women (multimillionaires) to marry you may be tempted to court Chinese female entrepreneurs. However check out the hurdles you will have to face, including Dragon Moms from the videos above before you fly off to the Dragon's Lair in the Middle Kingdom in hot pursuit of Madam Dragon! One thing is for sure, to stand a chance you'll need to be a person of some substance. Rice straw just won't cut it (unless you're a Rice Tycoon)!