Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love Quotations to Celebrate Valentine & Loving Occasions

Rose of Sweetness...
Sweetness of Rose....
Essence of True Love!

This is an original quote (inspired by love & created with love) from on 10-Feb-2014 for all our readers, singles and couples - enjoy!

From around the web:

Not about romantic love but lovely just the same (too beautiful in content and design to omit).

Same again, enjoy these lovely quotations with their beautiful designs.

Loving occasions are always underpinned by loving thoughts and loving hearts that inlcude much more than romantic love and extend more often than not, to the universe in general...

When you have a generally loving heart, Romantic Love beats a path to your door more easily as does platonic love, parental love, spiritual love, etc., all the components for a happier and more fulfilled life. Here is a quotation which rings a bell: "The purpose of life is to be happy." Does this resonate with you?