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More Dating & Relationship Advice: LOVE LIBRARY IS NOW OPEN!

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The Case for Staying Abreast with Love & Relationship Matters

If you know what to do BEFORE a dating scenario unfolds before your very eyes, it's likely you will be able to respond in a manner that will minimise damage or else even avert a dating disaster, even if you have only learnt from it vicariously, ie. learnt from other people's knowledge, experience and love insights beforehand rather than from direct, personal experience. That is you can handle a love/dating situation if it's bad, and if good, boost and augment the outcome in your favour!

You can avoid or minimise heartache and grief (of lost loves), time and energy loss more than if you never took the time to acquaint yourself with the pitfalls of love because let's face it, the Path to True Love is not a Smooth one for many people! School doesn't teach you that, Life does, that is if you allow yourself to take risks when it comes to Love.

However you can still minimise your heartaches by developing insights, wisdom and skills while you are at it (for example, how to tell quickly if this person is the marrying kind or not?) so you can 'sort the wheat from the chaff' and then dump the 'chaff', in your quest for love.  You want to dump the 'chaff' - those who do not meet your criteria for a QUALITY, long term relationship - unless of course all you want is a fling or short-term gratification of the flesh?

Love as in the rest of Life requires constant input and education so you can evolve to meet Life's and Love's new challenges as they arise due to changing patterns of behaviour, related to changing technology (Internet, smart-phones, tablets, etc. - it is so much easier to meet and "connect" with people these days, even when they are long-distance strangers. In my opinion it would be wise to be vigilant and not take your love life for granted even if it is blissful right now...), changing mindsets and value systems, changing demographics and lifestyles, etc. so avail yourself of all these wonderful resources that today's Singles and Couples are so lucky to have, literally within just one click of the mouse!

And remember to ENJOY the journey of your love-actualisation/ fulfilment too while you're at it....enjoy blooming (the process), and the fact that you are 'blooming' (self awareness of what is happening to and around you).  If you've had an incredulous moment, remember good or bad... will be your first (& last)...

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