Monday, December 2, 2013

There's a Sparkle in Your Eyes - And it's for Me!



There's a Sparkle in your Eyes

Can you believe it, one year has flown by? The holidays are almost here ... again!  This sweet, romantic video featuring Hayley Westenra & Helmut Lotti's sumptuous duet, is dedicated to all those who will be meeting new friends and dates as your social life steps up at this time of the year.

If you see that sparkle in that special someone's eyes that isn't due to having too many champagnes at that fun party, enjoy the moment and ... take a risk ... make sure you get that phone number before the night is over and then call or text them later in the week if you don't hear back from them. (Three simple Texts to turn her on).

Sometimes they may be interested but may not have had the chance or the audacity to grab your phone number, so make sure you don't leave it all to her or him to make the first move for further contact, after the party is over. (Three simple Texts to turn her on).
You never know just how things will pan out. If you meet someone cute and you think they are also attracted to you, don't play (too) hard to get or any unnecessary mind games but don't give the impression that you are 'easy' either!  Difficult advice to take on board? It can be, because every situation is different but practice is the key - the more you date and practice your dating skills the better you will become at picking out that little spark that's almost imperceptible to those less experienced in love.

And you shouldn't delay too long. Why, because that initial spark can be snuffed out easily if they meet more people as they are likely to at this social time of the calendar, and you lose that exclusivity and fade from their mind, unless you take steps to fan that initial spark into a bonfire.

Many romantic liaisons are formed during this time of the year and it is hardly surprising - good food, good cheer and good company make conditions conducive for nesting desires to surface. No one wants to be lonely at this time of the year. For singles on their own this can be a challenging time so put on your 'dancing shoes', wear a pretty dress or cool shirt, party, socialise and just have alot of fun.

Most of all wear a sparkle in your eyes - it will be noticed! - and that will in turn light a spark somewhere else ... just remember not to come on too strong though, that is, keep it light and fun without being too intense. And remember to dance - you can't do too much talking when the music is loud but you sure can talk with your body!

And no! you don't have to twerk or you are going to send out messages that you are only out for a good time; fine if that is the case, but if you are looking for long-term partners then keep your clothes on and some semblance of modesty.

Dancing has other benefits - it livens up your complexion, spreads your natural pheromones further undetectably and helps you to relieve tension and anxiety if you are not a naturally gregarious person (which is more common than imagined) and of course it helps you to get up close to your date, maybe even stand underneath the mistletoe with them and so get that first kiss? (How to Make Him Long for You)

Tips to Prime Yourself for LOVE Success this Season:

  • Shop for some great clothes - sexy, cool, glamorous, whichever suits your taste and personality, etc. - you can let your hair down for the holidays without breaking your budget and try clothes that have more flair than your usual attire but don't wear clothes you don't feel comfortable in.

    Ultimately it's your self-confidence that will come across to your date and not your clothes so select clothes that FLATTER your body type, and which will boost your self-confidence - that's the secret of looking sexy!  (Make him desire you and want to come to YOU!)
  • Dress and behave appropriately at all times and you'll gain a crystal ball rather than a wrecking ball, to portend your way to 'good luck' in love and happiness!
  • If it is a work-bash (party) - remember to treat it as that (avoid getting drunk, wearing inappropriate styles, or any behaviour that will cause embarrassment to yourself or your workplace or it could backfire the next day (lose your promotion / job?)
  • Try a different makeup and/or hairstyle from your 'usual look'. It will help you get noticed if there is someone you fancy at work/play who has not noticed you before. Have you ever been in this situation before?
  • Don't forget smell - the olfactory senses can become highly stimulated sensually. If your date becomes attracted to you your scent will be imprinted into their primal brain and they will be reminded of you every time they smell your signature smell! Unforgettable? - that's you!

    They'll remember you from the crowd, even if they've danced with a legion of party-twerkers. The point here is to make yourself memorable and visible by standing out from the crowd! Pick an alluring scent that's not too common and that suits your skin type and personality. Musky scents can be more sensual than floral scents. (Why this badass badger gets ALL the Dates!)
  • You could try using some pheromone, but remember, long term they have to like you for yourself and not because of some artificial aid you used because that effect will wear off. (Get a great Girlfriend in ONE week).
  • Btw, women who are ovulating will find that more men are drawn to them than those who ovulate less or who have stopped ovulating. Tip for older women: Use some pheromone in the beginning? then let your personality win them over, once they get to know you better.
  • Last but not least remember to smile, smile, smile ... and flirt a little. Not too much to make them think you're easy or ingratiating, but just enough to intrigue, encourage and especially to make them feel SPECIAL. The Art of Seduction is indeed a fine, balancing act. (How to be the Woman that Men adore and never want to leave!)
  • Above all, keep it natural, keep it uncontrived and then let Cupid do the rest

When you plant a sparkle in their eye, the same one that's in your own eye, seemingly without even trying, it could blossom into something much more wonderful.

"There's a sparkle in your eyes and it's only there ... for ME!" (sigh of bliss)

I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a wonderful and joyous Season that's fast approaching, and hope that wherever you are in the World, your dreams for all the love and happiness that you seek, desire and deserve will be fulfilled this year. D. gg