Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to Make Him Addicted to YOU! Trigger his...

Trigger pleasure hormones in his body you ever seen a guy at a casino who just can’t stop gambling even though he keeps losing money? Why is he doing that?

He logically knows that he is losing money, and can even go completely broke if he continues, yet he simply can’t stop himself

Why he just can't stop?

This is because during gambling, a man’s system
experiences a heavy surge of hormones commonly
known as the pleasure hormones. They are so
addictive that a person forgets all logic and
keeps going in the direction of their goal.

The good news is that you can trigger these same
pleasure hormones in a man’s body, and make him
feel almost an uncontrollable addiction towards

Whenever he will be around you, he will only
experience emotions such as – Love, attraction,
excitement and will even find himself wanting,
needing and craving your love, like a little kid
craves it from his mother.

He will squirm with this strong inner desire for
you, which will send a jolt of blood rushing
through his body that will force him to feel an
almost biologically driven desire for you.

He will constantly be emotionally hungry and you
will be his fix, you will become the source of his
emotional fulfillment. Without you he will be like
fish without water.

In fact, just doing this one thing alone will make
him fixate on you so deeply, that no other woman
will be able to satisfy this intense inner urge he
will experience, and as a result he will have no
other woman to go to, but you.

He will subconsciously feel urges to do nice
things for you; in fact, he will get a lot of
pleasure out of making you happy.

And not only this - You will become so important
to him, that he will feel like you’re 100 times
more interesting, in comparison to any other woman
out there.

So now you must be wondering, how do I do it? Here
is how  => for more information...