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Using International Marriage Brokers to Arrange Dates and Marriages - A Documentary:

Going across international borders to find brides with more traditional values is not a new or novelty trend.  The international marriage broker works in a similar way to the traditional matchmaker of many traditional cultures.

There are pros and cons for both parties, but a greater risk especially for the foreign bride.  When the pairing works it works well, and when it does not, it can have grave or even fatal consequences.

Finding love this way is not a surefire thing as only 8% of people eventually end up tying the knot or end up happily together. Watch the video to find out more if you are keen about dating Russian partners.

Note especially the last comment in this documentary, where with the boundaries of the world shrinking it is becoming more common for people to look for their long term partners from every corner of the world.

What with so much information, social exchange and engagement on social platforms these days, this process is just getting faster and easier.  It is easy enough to discover more information about potential dates from their social profiles including their Google+ profile.  And also easily hangout with interstate or international friends (and their families - when the time is ripe) on Google hangouts which can accommodate 9 people simultaneously and all for free.

If you haven't tried this method out yet for some long distance 'meetups' or even 'group chats' then check it out and see how many creative ways you can apply this amazing free tool to expand your social life!  While Google hangouts are very handy for work and business, it can work very well in other areas of your life too.  Forget expensive phonecalls - they are a thing of the past!  Learn more about Google hangouts here.

By the way 8% may not seem like a significant number in itself but 12,000 marriages* that have occurred from using marriage brokers this way, is a staggering figure!  It is impressive that so many people have managed to fulfil their romantic dreams this way.

If this method suits both parties and they are happy, good for them!

Dating Tip:  So what can you glean from this? If you are looking for someone closer to home and wish to be more successful, find out what it is (qualities, etc.) that the other gender (in your local environment, unless you are not averse to long distance romance or moving away when things get serious) is looking for and try to fulfil that need in a genuine way - WITHOUT faking it to catch a mate.

Note in the video how two of the men were actually very discerning when they were attracted to the single mum even though she was older and had more 'baggage' than some of the other 'candidates'.

Dating Tip: Looks matter but not that much ... in fact this sorts out the wheat from the chaff (of your suitors)!  For enduring love, you want to avoid being someone's Trophy Spouse if you want to be loved for yourself, warts and all!

That does not mean being slack about your appearance. You do need to 'sell' yourself to get noticed first, that means you do need to take care of yourself and your appearance, but don't obsess about your physical appearance.  Internal beauty is just as important, if not more.  In other words, do focus also on cultivating your inner beauty.  This inner light will in turn attract those who have more depth in themselves and who are also searching for such qualities.

You do want a soul mate don't you and not a "sugar-parent" or a fling?  When you are playing for keeps, your codes of dress, behaviour, espousal of value-system, etc. will need to emit the kind of message that will attract people who are Keepers. If you get that wrong then you are likely to attract the Players and the Rolling Stones who will not hesitate to replace their 'old toys' with new Barbie Dolls once they get bored playing balls with you!

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