Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What 3 Characteristics ATTRACT MEN Magically?

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The 3 Characteristics That Attract Men Magically

Ever realized that some women are never without male company - they get attention from men constantly? They seem to attract men wherever they go, and always have men wanting to flirt with them?

You might think it is completely down to looks but it's actually a lot more than that... much more than just looks alone. As an example, even when they are just in their casual clothes and not really making an effort they get men approaching them, and flirting with them.

They have other qualities, personal character traits which men find naturally attractive - and this is how they're able to attract men naturally.

3 Easy and Crucial Character Traits Which Attract Men

Physical looks really are just one factor in attracting men. Here are the top 3 characteristics which have men going after women:

  • Self Confidence: Just as women are attracted to confidence, it truely does work the other way too. Men are naturally attracted to naturally outgoing women with an abundance of confidence.
  • Self Esteem: You might wonder how this is different from confidence, but by self esteem I mean of having the self esteem and belief that you are good looking, that you are feminine and attractive and sexy. This filters into all areas ranging from your body language, how you look after yourself, your fashion sense and how you dress, your self pride... even yoursmile!
  • Openness: This covers both physical openness (body language) and mental openness (talking openly and honestly). If you are not "open" then you will seem unapproachable

You can see that if you worked on these three areas then even if you have "prettier" friends, it is you who could be getting the attention off men in the future.

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