Monday, January 28, 2013

Speed dating, Chinese-style

Looking for Love in China!

Fancy Speed-Dating Millionaires?  Only in China!

China has a high proportion of rich, single women - they are in fact, multimillionaires!

See why they are a 'victim' of their own success.

What can you do if you wish to date or even find a 'Leftover' single woman in China?
(Women who are single after 28 years of age are viewed as 'Leftovers' {spinsters}).

See the medieval tradition of match-making that is still popular with the old and young:

a) The former takes on a pro-active role in finding a suitable spouse for their precious 
offspring and for the important task of perpetuating their lineage ...

b) The  latter trust their parents' wisdom and support in finding a suitable partner.

Chinese parents play an important part in getting their offspring paired and married
and Chinese offspring are dutiful in minding their parents' (often) wise decisions.

In China the dowry is payable by the male's side (if it still applies as often modern couples
dispense with this old tradition) so there isn't the kind of (size or other) issues you see
in countries where the GIRL's family has to pay the dowry.

Having said that, however there are dowries paid by the Girls' family in many of these
rich wedding affairs in certain provinces where great wealth has been produced,
where it is not uncommon for the dowry-size to be in the hundreds of millions!

And even over a billion dollars in recent wedding cases where the rich daddy/ patriarch
has been trying to keep up with the 'Joneses' and NOT be outdone by his counterparts!

So head off to China if you wish to marry a millionairess
but be warned, you will have to get past her mama and papa first!

If you have a sterling pedigree, and am no mean pauper yourself ...

'Leftover' woman or not, she is still their treasured offspring and her success is due in no
small part to her very capable, smart head, legendary work ethics and fierce independence!

Can you cope with that, or coming second place in the eyes of her family compared to her?

If you think about it, you would have to be a very special man who is secure in yourself and as a man, to win the attention of a woman who has created and enjoyed so much Amazing SUCCESS!

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