Monday, January 14, 2013

Male Virginity

Love and Male Virginity!

Sell it to the highest bidder! Did you know in Japan it was an old tradition? You could make tons of money selling your virginity!

how to text to turn her onJust kidding! But it's true, in Japan a high price is commanded for female virginity.

Don't worry too much about it because many people find it attractive to meet other singles who haven't had too much 'mileage'.

These days a movement is underway where singles are saving their virginity for the RIGHT PERSON, ie.their spouse. Yes, they keep their virginity for their wedding day - both parties do, and that movement is gaining momentum.

In an age when the pendulum has swung too far, natural (social) forces can effect a reversal and in some regions and communities this is precisely what is happening. Young men and women are saving themselves for their spouse and consummate their marriage only on their wedding night.

In other countries such practice has been the norm for centuries so don't feel too badly - on a global scale virginity before marriage is a normal situation.  It is not a curse. Regard it as an asset!

If you still find yourself getting anxious about your virginity then watch this video to find out how to use simple texts to turn women on.

how to text to turn her on