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Dating Techniques & the Science of Attraction

Dating Techniques - Science of Attraction

Results of the Social Experiment

  • It's interesting to know that A (dating techniques) and B (normal guy) 
  • scored better than C (sleazy guy)
  • A had the best 'score', B had the second-best score, and C had the worst score.
  • BUT they all 'got a date'.
  • Even the C guy was surprised at getting a 'date' -
  • which goes to show you there's no accounting for taste
  • and that you must use WISE judgement when selecting dates.
  • It appears that if you are more mature and experienced about the opposite sex you will tend to pick on the cues more accurately cf. the two blonde women who 'sussed out' C accurately during their 'girl talk' after they had all completed their speed dating. They appear to be quite worldly-wise with accurate judgement.
  • Moral of the story is that "dating technique coaching" does give you an initial start - so you hit the ground running as it were, when you embark on your dating journey.
  • However the 'normal' guy B, is also doing not too badly, however he was good on his conversational skills, etc. and had substantial hobby-interests that are really assets whether for work or business in the future - anyway it's an interesting ice-breaker for dating.
  • About being mean, but keeping them keen - most women (who are people/ street-wise) are not into that 'bad boy' stuff as you can see from their comments and reactions (except for the third woman).
  • It's emphasised that while dating techniques can help you out initially, in the long run you are more successful in dating if you do not pretend to be someone else - but remain yourself.
  • To which I agree and advocate.That is the goal.



  • Firstly, dating guides gave Guy A a headstart over the other men - he was more liked than the others. So use dating guides or techniques by all means. Use them to help you develop confidence until you become more self-assured with the opposite gender especially if you are very shy, and lack confidence.  Remember you are not using dating guides to manipulate your dates to doing what you want! but to get a winning edge over the competition especially if your date is someone that you are very keen on.
  • Secondly be yourself - be comfortable under your own skin. Only when you like yourself will others like the real you. If there are aspects eg. acne etc. that can be fixed try and fix that before you go dating so it does not impede your progress and success at meeting people. Wise coaches will tell you to be yourself for long term success and that is true.
  • Some (shy) people do really need a hand - use it to get a flying start. There are important facts that you may not be aware of eg. what not to say, how not to put your foot in, how to groom yourself (seriously there are some people who lack even basic grooming skills!).

    So use guides well, not to manipulate but to put your best foot forward until such time when your date has had the chance to see the real and wonderful you, behind your initial shyness which sometimes can turn people off on their first date.  (It is not easy to relax in the company of someone who is jumpy and nervous, even if that is caused by the excitement of meeting you!).
  • Develop hobbies and interests if you are the sort that have none - not just for breaking the ice but as a means of developing a more interesting and intelligent personality! People are attracted to those who have other interests in life apart from work or digital gaming.

    One of the advantages of having hobbies is you get to meet REAL LIFE people with similar hobbies and interests. When you are engaged in doing stuff that you are interested in, it will transform you into someone passionate and alive and you end up attracting others with little effort.

    Having hobbies, especially if these require technical skills, could also signal you as a potentially 'good provider'. It indicates versatility and other skillsets that you could turn to or expand later in life to earn additional income or build a business, and so add to your perceived desirability by the opposite sex (cf. women's built-in GPS to 'home in' to good providers for survival reasons).
  • Thirdly avoid being the C guy - avoid being over-confident, mean and sleazy to your dates. If you have ever been on a date with someone like that you will find them SCARY!!

    Wise coaches will tell you to be wary of WOLVES dressed in sheep's clothing. Just because someone flatters you and plys you with drink doesn't mean they have good intentions, on the contrary. (You may seem inexperienced, naive and an easy target.).

    Btw, C's are not ugly, nor are they branded across the forehead to warn you, on the contrary they can be very good looking and charming ... initially. (Cf. the Netherlands situation where the legitimising of prostitution has backfired severely. The D - Z guys are a young girl's nightmare!)
  • 'Gurrl Power': Last but not least, listen to your girl friends - you may have missed some of the cues but as a group they have NOT!  Girls are good for sussing out stuff like that, so listen up if your girl friends tell you stuff that you have missed out on because you became quite side-tracked by whatever notions (or hormones) that were racing through your head when you were dating C.

    Yeah? In other words you were blinded by the 'put-on charms' of Boy C and ignored the 'red flags' of dating or maybe you were not even familiar with the 'red flags' of dating?!  (If that's the case then use a dating guide - urgently!  Not just any guide but the best guide you can find!

    Observe how well, articulate and smart these women are when it comes to gathering and sharing information!  So listen when your girlfriends share their views about men, dating, your dates, etc.

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