Monday, December 31, 2012

Dating Tips & Tricks to Pick Up Women

Sex Addict? Maths Genius? Speed Freak?
Tips & Tricks on How to Pick Up Women Fast

Are you the Picker (Hitter) or the Pickee (Hit-Upon)?

Either way you can LEARN from this video on "How to Pick Up Women",

or "How NOT to be Picked Up in a Bar".

.......YOUR GOALS........

What are your dating goals?

Quantity versus Quality?

Being picked up by strangers at a Bar?

Casual encounters of the extra-terrestrial kind?

Seeking extra-marital flings?

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Long term monogamous relationships?

Dating with marriage in mind?

(This would suit all but the last two goals.)

In which case all you need to know is how to make LIMITED conversation
(as you won't be doing too much talking to any one "candidate" for too long!)

........THE PROCESS.......

Get their phone numbers,

take them back to a "controlled environment",

do the deed.

Rinse and repeat.

........THE RESULTS.......

Bring them down in size then get on with it!

("they don't belong on a pedestal" )

"And watch more strangers pick up their pants off the floor

with streaking mascara running down their faces

... in the cold light of day!"

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What's The Alternative?

But if you want more, and if you don't wish to settle for:
  • Anyone and everyone who ask for your phone number
  • Being hardly admired ("they don't belong on a pedestal")
  • Someone who takes more care picking who he dines with than who he sleeps with
  • Winding up in a stranger's pad who doesn't even remember your name,
  • "With mascara streaming down your cheek, in the cold light of day."
  • Being "Just another person, getting by" to ALL the guys who collected your phone number?
  • Being one of a couple of hundred who've shared the same person and the same bed.
  • Being the next item on the Food Chain. (... a disposable commodity!)

    Ignite His Attraction with Conversation!! http://hottest-dating-tips.blogspot.comAnd INSTEAD wish to be cherished, admired, loved for yourself and to be in a sincere, committed relationship where you find security and fulfillment then you have to create the circumstances that will attract such opportunities.

    This will surely EXCLUDE being freely accessible to anyone who makes a pass at you especially in a bar (set up some boundaries)! And if you wish to meet quality dates with real substance, hang out in the spaces where they can be found.

    Try places like the golf course, gym, concerts, library, art museum, tennis club, drama society, yachting club, etc., even the supermarket is a better bet for meeting singles. At least you'll know they're healthier or brainier!

    Or take your shiatsu for a walk in the park. Hopefully your pooch might bump into that cute Guy's labrador again. When dogs wag, owners lag ... turns out it's a day for play ... perfect!!

    Bump into that Cute Guy with his Dog at the Park!
    A Walk in the Park ... Oops! Fancy Meeting You (& Brinkley) Here!

    You just need to put on your thinking cap and be creative about where to hang out, apart from a bar, to meet great guys or risk ending up on the dinner plate of someone who was only after a free meal!

    Here's a Video Recap on how casual and fun meetups can be, with no pressure to rush into anything. A slow-burning romance can be alot of fun. Take your time to get to know each other. In the meantime, keep your innocence fresh and save it for the RIGHT PERSON. You will know when the time is right!

    It's a fact that the longer you wait before commencing sex, the longer you stay together as a couple. In fact couples who abstained from sex before marriage stayed together longest while those who started soon after dating had the highest breakups. When it comes to love the wise Tortoise beats the Hare!


    A Slow-Burning, Sweet Romance Fans the Flames of Love Strongeand Longer

    Tortoise Strategy: Success always comes to those who persevere, with love, as with everything else.

    You don't have to settle for second- or xth-best! Preserve your innocence. Whether you're a man or woman it's more alluring than you realise. Nobody wants a 'car that's had too much mileage' - it gets traded in or ends up as scrap or junk. When looking for true love, slow and steady wins the race.

    Now if you are NOT going to follow Casanova's footsteps, you cannot expect to grunt your way through the evening, so you will have to polish your conversational skills and win them over with your words - at least initially! That's all you really have - one shot at making a good impression. Don't be one of those beautiful-looking people who as soon as they open their mouth, shatter their chances of ever dating Prince or Princess Charming!

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