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How To Captivate A MAN To Give You the World!

 He Stood YOU Up?  On Valentine's Day?  Never Again!

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Disappointed with your man for this and / or other transgressions? Don't go to the pub to 'drown your sorrow' because you could get into trouble and get more than you bargained for if some stranger starts plying you with free drinks. Stay sober. Go with a female friend, someone who you can trust and confide in - and leave the pub together.

Remember that stupefying drugs are easily available and can be dispensed into your drink by a deft pair of hands if you are unfortunate to run into slick-operating opportunists. What gets reported in the news is only the tip of the ice-berg. Stay sober and safe. Be careful about accepting drinks from strangers. 

Even when you are getting merry and celebrating the holiday season with friends, remember to exercise common sense - don't do anything that you will regret the next day that could compromise yourself, your job or family, even if you are very upset with your Partner.

It's better to do this instead - find the kind of information you need to transform yourself into the kind of woman who can:

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Men's Stories And Viewpoints

I spend hours at a time listening to men tell their stories like it is - straight from the heart. Now you won't often find men pouring their hearts out. So I pay very close attention when this happens. Many male friends have confided that their relationships have recently been rescued even after years of separation and it all started with the woman making the changes and / or taking the initiative. And if you think that it's only skinny, young and beautiful women who were able to turn their relationships around, that's not the case at all. These women are very much your girl-next-door or the 'suburban housewife' stereotypes to name just a few and these particular women are in their 50's.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Sometimes a man may wish to return to the family home even when he's been living with other women, but if you do not explicitly ask or invite him back into the fold, he may hesitate to take the initiative. Men's egos are not as tough as they might like you to think! So ask or invite him back ... tell him what you want. The direct approach works for most cases.

Did you know that the sexiest thing that you can do is to let a man know what you really want? Whether it is to enter into a committed relationship, or patching up a relationship or marriage, that unless you tell him, he won't know that you want him back or want him at all, after you've sent him or drove him away?

"Why did you return home?" "It was my wife's idea, she rang me. Yes, I was living with another woman for two years when she called me up. I think it's got to do with the fact that I was making good money at the mines - you know how women like it when you are making money? ......"

That even if he transgressed while he was with you it is possible for him to develop insights, realise his mistakes and change for the better, later on in the future?  A kind of late-growth spurt where he grows up when you are not there picking up after him or nagging at him?  (Late emotional developer?).

"The (second) woman I was living with became bit by bit, angry at me, until she was very angry after 6 months, just like my ex used to be. She said similar things that my ex used to say so it made me rethink that perhaps, I DID play a big role in the breakup with my ex, that I wasn't the saint I had prided myself to be!"

It is safer therefore not to assume that a breakup or conflict is set in concrete and permanently doomed because people do change and for the better, sometimes by self-realisation, but more often when they receive some help or Ah-Ha moments from others.

"The third woman also said the same things as my exes, so it wouldn't matter if I lived with more women, they would all probably say the same thing - because the problem lies with ... me!"

This help may come in various forms eg. another woman who may have the same sort of frustrations like you did with him and which will cause him to look deeper, closer to home and realise that it's not just you afterall, but his own idiosyncrasies and behaviours that have contributed to the meltdown.

Of course a person will only be blessed with this kind of insights if they are honest with themselves and mature enough not to engage in the blame-game or other gladiator-games where there can only ever be one winner!

Below are some of the common tips that MEN themselves have revealed were the magnetic pull to RETURN HOME not as they were but MUCH 'IMPROVED' and leading to a much less self-destructive liaison - in fact they were happy about reuniting, happy with each other now and happy that they did not break-up permanently.

 Gold-Nugget Tips to Win a Man of Your Dreams


  • Don't let yourself go, take pride in your appearance.  Dress and groom to look attractive. He is surrounded by office women all day long, who are dressed smartly for work!

"She looked nice, she was wearing a pretty dress, with makeup and brushed hair and she spoke nicely to me." (about his estranged wife before they were reunited 6 months later) "instead of looking frumpy and sounding downbeat and angry like she did for years."  If you have depression or intense frustration, talk and seek help before it destroys your relationships.

  • Take pride in the house and environment.  Hand in hand with self-neglect is the neglect of your surroundings.

It could be a sign of depression if your life-load is too much to handle (eg. if you have disabled members in the family and their sole dependence on you has become exhausting because there is no respite from the 24/7-marathon care required from you. Your partner goes out to work to bring home the bacon and does not contribute sufficiently because he is not empathetic enough to understand the herculean stress you've been under all day.)

  • Speak nicely to him when you see each other. Speak civilly to him. Don't screech or nag whenever you see him. He's the one giving instructions to staff at work and it's tough to cop this at home!

"She invited me into the house whenever I brought the kids home after their weekend stayover with me. At first I declined but she kept asking me each week in the same friendly manner, and with a nice smile. Eventually I saw how changed her behaviour was. She was pleasant, calm, happier and not angry at me. Finally I accepted her invitation to go inside for a cuppa and a chat. Before long I found myself moving back into my family home."

  • Show respect, say "please" and "thank you" - good manners and appreciation is very sexy to both men and women. People will fall over themselves to help you if you can cultivate a sense of gratitude and appreciation. First step though is to acknowledge your shortcomings; an apology is not out of place, before you can repair your relationship and grow it with daily doses of love.

Avoid taking each other for granted. Above all don't show indifference or worse, contempt, because men's egos are more fragile than they care to admit. You run the risk of inflicting serious damage to your relationship when you treat your guy less than his pooches or anyone else for that matter!

"Our relationship is much better today. We talk everyday and I realised that I was the one who was the cause of all her previous anger because I sounded patronising. I didn't really listen to her when she needed to air the problems she encountered during the day dealing with disabled children who had VERY challenging behaviours. Now I am very thankful we had this second chance because it could easily have ended up in divorce. I love my wife and kids and do not want to be separated from my family ever again.")

Where to Get Expert Help

The Problem with DIY (Doing It yourself): Asking friends for advice when your (relation) Ship is heading for the rocks is not a wise move because it places them in an uncomfortable position and often the advice is too late or not appropriate because they are not experts in this field.

"We could have told you that!" - friends and family will chorus. This 20/20 hindsight usually occurs AFTER your ship has hit jagged ROCKS! What you need is a navigation system that will keep you clear off the rocks BEFORE your hull gets ripped open and you are marooned on a desert island or worse - sink completely into a watery grave!

This is why it is imperative to get PROFESSIONAL HELP and at the right time if you are genuine about not just salvaging your relationship but of captivating an Adoring Partner, one who won't hesitate to give You the WORLD!

Avoid Shipwreck and sail Home to a Safe Harbour Today ... with the MAN of your Dreams. Do all this without ever needing to change your current partner!! >>