Friday, September 14, 2012

Art of Romantic Kissing and Seduction

The Art of Romantic Kissing and Seduction

"When To Kiss" Tips? 

A kiss is not just a 'kiss' that is, if it's a proper 'kiss'!

Are you the kind of date who demands a kiss just because you took her out and paid for dinner, drinks, movies, etc.? Do you expect intimacy (full kissing is a pretty intimate act!) just because you shouted her on the date?  It's chivalrous to pay for your date and chivalry is much admired, sexy and still alive! Don't be fooled by all this 'equality' of the sexes thing when it comes to love and dating. When you pursue AND behave like a gentleman you are ahead of the competition when it comes to being attractive to the opposite sex. However let her make the first move / signal when it comes to initiating kissing.

How often do I hear guys moaning constantly about dates they took out who did not kiss them ... and often it's only the first date or two! (No wonder they don't get kissed!).  If she's attracted to you it will happen soon enough but having a mentality that expects some sort of return of the favour for a paid meal or drinks just puts women off .. well at least the ones with a healthy dose of self-esteem.

Don't forget that women these days are very capable and many are economically independent yet like to be wooed and courted by men ... in other words, capable, independent women will have no problems paying for their meals, if they have to. But they love the chase and the attention not to mention being pampered this way, at least during the initial courtship. Let's face it, this sweet phase does not last all that long these days as couples can hitch up quickly after a first date;  sometimes within a week or sooner!

Sometimes it's also a way for the woman to test the waters - if you are tight-fisted at the beginning then it's likely you won't improve later. (It's believed that women tend to be more attracted to men who look like they can be good providers rather than to their physical looks alone, owing to the need to ensure offspring / family survival, although with economic liberation this is becoming less the case). You don't need to be a millionaire, just someone reliable and stable, a man who women can talk to and truly communicate with. Don't underestimate the power of small talk - if you can make small talk "sexy" without being intense or pushy you're likely to attract more women naturally.

So lose that mentality and enjoy the evening or the moment, without putting pressure on your date to have to give you a ROI - return on 'investment'! If you approach dating with this attitude you will become more attractive because you will be happier as you are not expecting anything more than a good time during the evening out while you are enjoying each other's company, and you are also showing that you are not  desperate for affection or ... sex!  Desperation can put people off, not just women!

Show them you have admirable balance, control, and restraint especially if your date is very hot or wearing something tantalising! This will earn you huge kudos in the eyes of the dates that matter ie. quality women with  the potential to be quality, relationship partners. Sometimes women can send out the wrong signals or too strong a signal just from the way they dress or groom themselves, without realising their allure. Then again some women are testing you - and if you come across as sleazy when she is looking for a long term partner you may have just shot yourself in the foot and blown all your chances of a second date!

When the time comes and the woman makes the first move, follow her lead and enjoy the moment ... let her surprise you ... in a big way perhaps? You just never know - sometimes demure women (who are 'shy' in public, can be the kind of tigress elsewhere, that you might have fantasized about!).  A woman feels less threatened if she makes the first move especially if you are both newly dating. For a man this is good too because he won't have the fear of being rejected as she is the one making the first move to kiss him.

You can test the waters - lean towards her face very slowly and subtly, as if you are moving in for a kiss ... after establishing good rapport (you have connected on a mental and social plane) then pull away and watch her reaction. If she does not stop you and signals disappointment when you pull away, that is a good sign. Use your discretion and wait for further green light signals before you try to kiss ... but don't rush into it on your first /later dates until the moment is right and consent is mutual...unless you wish to scare her away. Definitely do NOT grab and avoid rough play. Remember, genuine good 'breeding' and kindness is ultra-sexy - it will melt even the sternest of hearts!

Watch this video, and see why it was such a hit!  Tip: he paved the way for her response to him by being the perfect, sensitive and respectful gentleman WAY PRIOR to intimacy - this is REAL foreplay, with style, if you want to elicit the kind of attention from women you love or fancy. Contrary to what many men think, foreplay is not something you do 10 minutes before you engage in anything intimate.

Full kissing is orally intimate and we all know that it is just the first step to "other scenarios" if the attraction/ lust is mutual.  So while sex might be a way to many men's heart the biggest love organ in a woman is actually her .. BRAIN!  Sorry to disappoint you!  In other words if you are interested in someone special and getting to really know her (beyond the Friend zone) then your best option is to:

Woo Her Mind - it is the way to Her HEART - and the GATEWAY to Hers Truly!

Lips and All!

Also Don't Forget the Power of Small Talk - To Unlock the Magic.

Disregard the above if your priorities are different ie. you're dating on a casual bases or seeking one-night stands.