Sunday, May 27, 2012

Romantic Love Poem: If You Forget Me By Pablo Neruda

When you are Dating: One of the most romantic ways to woo and win a woman when you are dating, is to take an interest and actually read romantic poems. While some men are abit shy or not interested in such pursuits, a little effort in this direction can pay huge dividends in your love life. It can awaken or rekindle your sensitive, emotional side and make you a more sensitive, empathetic, New-age Man to the opposite sex. Women just adore this kind of male!  The 'stiff-upper lip', emotionless, Stallone stereotype simply does not appeal to the New-age Woman. However, women the world over are usually impressed when they find that their date reads romantic poems. You need to be genuine about this though. Then you are well on your way to becoming ...
'The Man that Women Adore and Never Want to Leave'!!

In a long term Relationship: With their busy social life, economic independence and social "freedom" that many women enjoy today it's not just your ability to provide as a bread-winner but also your ability to empathise and be sensitive to her problems, needs and wants that will ensure you stay an integral part of her life, as let's face it, today's Woman faces alot more pressure juggling several roles from homemaker to career-consummate the way her mother and grandmother never needed to.

This video will help you to understand why despite the 'wind of banners passing through her life" you will find a reason to hold on ... and why she may not hold onto you if you let go.  Reading or viewing this poem with her will also help her to see and appreciate the sensitive side of you that perhaps she had not witnessed before.

Developing an interest in reading romantic poems together will help to establish a closer bond. Sometimes you just need to let your hair down, do what she likes and stay in touch with your emotional side to connect with your Woman and to keep or reignite love and romance in your life. The longer you are together the more you have to try to keep the spark alive. It's possible as many happy couples have testified on their Golden anniversaries.

And Pablo Neruda is such a hit with women the world over ... you will see why when you read his poem, the written version of which is published on the page just below the above video. Pablo Neruda has been hailed as one of the most romantic poets of the 20th century. All you have to do is tap this resource and watch the sparks of passion fly between You and your Woman!

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