Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dating Guide Review - Fireworks With Females

Fireworks With Females - A Dating Guide For Men

Have you ever wanted to convey what a great guy you are to the women of your choice... but never known where to start? Perhaps you've got her initial attention, but the more you talk and try, you feel her attraction slipping away?  

Slade Shaw teaches you how to effortlessly attract not just any woman, but one that will stick around in a relationship in this 215+ page ebook, bursting with pages of tips, techniques, and potent advice that's going to enable you to gain access to the truly elite women and create dynamic attraction that you have previously only dreamed of. 

Discover the two-part process to establishing winning beliefs, the essentials of lifestyle design, how to be compelling and start a conversation with women, what women really want in a man, how to make your relationship last, and much more in this life-changing course.

Why This Book 'Fireworks With Females' (FWF)?

Let me start by telling you that the title of the course is a little deceptive. "Fireworks With Females" is about much more than just creating fireworks. In fact, it guides you through the initial attraction process, developing positive and empowering mindsets, and enables you to maintain attraction to women past the initial approach, the first night, and into a relationship.

I get a lot of feedback from guys that want more than a one-night stand. In fact, most guys that write to me want a dynamic attraction to women that will result in a lasting relationship.

The thing is though, it's not that easy. Most courses tell you how to use a pickup line, how to portray authoritative body language, but very few point out how this translates to a lasting and meaningful relationship. In fact, many courses make the assumption that once you are over the initial approach, you have what you need.

That's Where "Fireworks With Females" is Different

It offers readers empowering mindsets to firstly challenge beliefs, establish positive mindsets, and apply them to attracting women. But unlike other courses, "Fireworks With Females" gives you more knowledge about taking your skills to the next level, guides you through communicating with women, and shows you how to understand females and make a relationship last.

Fireworks with Females - How to Attract Women Dating GuideIt's like having your own personal dating success coach right there beside you as you navigate your way to dating success!

The other thing I really like about this course is the engaging approach the authors take with the reader. They avoid the belittling phrases and terms that insult the intelligence of many guys, and instead find subtle ways to challenge the mindsets and attitudes that may have contributed to their lack of success. Instead of assuming that the guy has no idea, they seek to build on the skills he already has, rather than spoon-feeding him stuff he already knows.

I like to think of it as the thinking man's guide to dating, and one that embraces some powerful mindsets on the path to prosperity. Perhaps that's what sets it apart from other courses. In order to get the attention of elite women, its necessary to rethink your entire strategy and attitude, rather than focusing on one area only.

The other thing that struck me is the completeness of this course. At over 200 pages it's not a light read, but then this is a thorough course.  I also really liked the 'actionable attraction challenges' which help cement the concepts and be applied to your real life dating situation.

It's an impressive dating resource.  In addition to the course, the bonus interviews and ebooks were well presented, topical, and further enhanced what is already a very comprehensive course.

If you are serious about taking your dating and attraction success to the next level, Slade Shaw's "Fireworks With Females" is an absolute must-have companion to help guide you on the journey and maximize your chances of attraction and relationship success.

But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself here.