Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Text the Romance Back and Fall in Love Again!!

Excerpts From The Rachel Ray Show

Do you realise you have in your hot little hand a Deadly Weapon of Mass ... Love?? It's called the CELL PHONE!

Find out how you can use this 'weapon' to make him/ her fall madly IN LOVE with you - all over again!
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If you, like many people these days, text frequently with your phone then you'll find this a wonderful way to attract new romance or reignite your current love life.  It's fast and instant! You get to express your feelings (and they get to know about your feelings) immediately! Talk about being 'in the moment'.

Be careful how you use this as it can light several bonfires ... simultaneously if you send them to ALL your crushes! Now this is not about sexting (more about that later) but about putting the Romance back into your love life. Before you dismiss this though, do you realise that both sexes love to receive romantic messages?  Many Men and Women are more romantic than they care to reveal!

It doesn't have to be mushy either, there is an ART to texting that will send them trembling and stampeding to your door! This will also depend on whether you are texting a Man or texting a Woman.

Have a go, it really works! (Don't they love all that attention ... and why not? We do too! :)  It's a myth to think that your Man doesn't crave romance. Some men crave it as much as women. Lucky you!

Sending a text to the Love of your Life is equivalent to sending an instant caress, especially wonderful when you can't be there to deliver it in person ... yet!