Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Women Leave Men

Do You Wonder Why Women Leave Men? you are worrying about your relationship and have concerns that your girlfriend or wife is going to leave you then you may be deeply wondering what these reasons could be.  There are a few reasons why women leave men.

In a relationship there can sometimes be little things that one person might not like but has tolerated for some time.  But after a while that little thing can become really annoying and they don't want to tolerate it anymore.  Then every time this thing happens they can get angry and that little thing can seem like one big annoying thing.

Then there are other little frustrations and hurts that can occur and even though they may be small little incidents, they can all add up over time.  When little frustrations build up over time they can end up being one big frustration and at some point the woman will have had enough and will just leave.  It is important to know the warning signs of trouble in a relationship so that your relationship doesn't reach that breaking point.

If you think you know what women want you may need to think again.  Many men have the wrong idea of what women want, they think they are needy and high maintenance and this is usually completely wrong.  You should stop thinking of your wife or girlfriend as "just a woman" but instead think of her as a person.  Treat her the same way that you like to be treated, the same way that all people like to be treated, like your mates or your adult sons, or other male relatives or peers.

Some men will put their woman on a pedestal and treat her like a porcelain doll and worship her.  Some men will treat their woman like a tart or even like a surrogate mother.  Neither of these approaches is good for a relationship, you should treat a woman like a human being, like an equal, like an individual who wants to be and deserves to be treated with respect. 

You also need to understand that all women are different so don't expect your wife or girlfriend to act a certain way or like certain things just because your last girlfriend did or because your mother does.  You need to treat the woman as an individual because that's exactly what she is, she will have her own likes and dislikes and will act the way she acts.

When a woman leaves a man it is often because she is unsatisfied in some major way.  She may not be getting her needs met, she may not be treated with respect; she may want more from the relationship ie. she is sick of settling for less, and of the crumbs that you may consciously or unconsciously be dishing out - it could be the crumbs of your time, your affection, your attention, your praise, your support, your approval, etc.

Think about it, when was the last time you said a good word about her appearance? her cooking? her efforts to please you? her care, understanding and support, her housekeeping, anything at all that she does for you and the family?

Have you been stingy with your compliments, lazy with dishing out feel-good vibes? What else have you been doing/saying or not doing that you could have done better, that you know she would have appreciated?

Or did you take her for granted? (Love breeds love, if you want more love then you must start with yourself - dish out more love and you will see the flow-on effects of your own effort.)

Your partner should be your best friend.  You should talk to her like you would talk to your best friend, treat her like she's important and treat her with respect.  Show her affection and know that you are still attracted to her even after all this time.

Perhaps you are aware of this and maybe even have the intention to do better by her but just didn't know how to go about it or 'didn't have the time',  Whatever your excuse start now because if you truly desire NOT to break up, you will do whatever it takes to hold onto your Woman, to keep her Love before she drifts away and into Someone else's Life.

You still a chance to reignite love, and rekindle that romantic spark again ... if she is still with you but don't wait till it's too late.  If she is feeling unhappy about you now, you can be sure that it has probably taken a long time to get to this stage and she has already tolerated a great deal of pain from you and is just 'one last straw' away from leaving you (if not already.)

Find out how to avert the 'final straw' and save or salvage your relationship before it's too late.