Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Back With Ex: I Want Him To Love Me Again

Do You Want Him To Love You Again?
If you're trying to win back your guy's love, one thing you need to understand is what men look for in a relationship and whether or not this was missing in yours.

So, what are the things that men need?

Above all, men crave admiration.  So you need to let him know that he's wanted and admired. While it may be obvious for you, it may not be the case for him. If you are in doubt as to whether he knows he is admired, go overboard and shower him with more overt flirtations and expressions of affection.  

  • Did you get too comfortable in the relationship and neglected your grooming at the expense of your looks? Did you dress up for work but stay in frumpy sweats and tennis shoes when you're at home?  Remember that the women he hangs out with probably dress well and/or look attractive, whether it's at the office, sales meetings or tennis clubs. So don't neglect yourself.

  • Did your boyfriend or husband leave you for another woman? Most women mistakenly think their man has found a better-looking women. That's not usually the case. In fact, when and if you end up meeting the "other" women who happens to be pretty normal looking, the typical reaction is to think. . ."what does he see in her"?  It's most likely not just what he sees in her but what he feels when he's with her. She makes him feel respected, admired, loved and wanted again.

  • Were you constantly accused of being a nag by your partner? This isn't anything new, right? You’ll often hear men complain about being “nagged to death.”  What the man is really saying is that he wants his wife or girlfriend to be satisfied with who he is and what good qualities he has to offer.  Realize that the nagging isn't the real problem – it’s the fact that you are conveying that you're unsatisfied with who he is and what he has to offer. That's what really gets to a man and drives him out of a relationship.

Don't take this to mean that you have to be lovey-dovey all the time and can never express your true feelings, anger or sadness. But when you are proud of your man, make sure he knows it!

Don't just show the negative feelings when they occur and take his love and admiration for granted!

Remember to appreciate him and what he does for you and the family always, and you will keep the fire of his love alive. Don't leave it too late to get your Ex back.