Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Stay Safe On Your First Date

Staying Safe on Your First Date

http://reignitelove.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-stay-safe-on-your-first-date.htmlIf you're a woman it's vital to know how to keep yourself safe on your first date. While in most cases the other party is trustworthy it is not safe to assume that EVERYONE you meet is going to be just that. 

We are sure you are only too aware of cases where a dating encounter that originated from the Internet has gone awry but here are some reminders nevertheless. It's vital to keep safe and confident if you're going to succeed in your search for your Man.

 Main Dating Safety Tips For Women To Observe:

  • Do NOT agree to meet him in lonely places especially at night or in the dark.
  • Take a friend with you if you're not sure about your date; pick someone strong and reliable who will protect you should you become incapacitated either from rape-drug or alcohol, not someone who will abandon you to the wolves because she is more intent upon looking after herself only.
  • Do not let your date buy you drinks if you cannot keep your glass in your view at all times (date rapes from date drugs are on the rise).
  • Do not get drunk on your dates or you will not be able to defend yourself if the need arises
  • Do not take lifts in the cars of people you hardly know from your local online dating sites
  • Keep a mobile phone with you at all times and make sure it is fully charged and topped up with enough credit to make several calls if you have to.  You never know when this could save your life.
  • Inform your family and friends beforehand about your movements in case things go wrong for you on your dates.
  • If your gut feelings tell you that something isn't right, pay attention and don't ignore your instincts. Your womanly intuition is picking up subtle cues that your conscious mind has ignored or missed, maybe because you wanted so much to believe that he could be the 'Man of your Dreams' - especially if he has made a great, prior impression on you and you have been waiting for eternity to meet Prince Charming!

There are many more tips but these are the most important ones. Feel free to submit via comments below if you have found yourself in a compromising situation on your first date and how you extricated yourself from it. Thanks.