Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Red Flags That He Is Not Into You At All

Six Red Flags He is Not Into You

So you met this great guy you fancied after meeting him online.

You thought you were getting on great but you have little nagging thoughts which you brush away as quickly as they crop up.

Heed these warning signs that say he is not into you at all and move on:

  1. Most days he doesn't call you, and when he does it's usually on a Wednesday or Sunday night. 
  2. And when you do get together it's usually physical. He finds it convenient to carry on this way because he gets his physical needs met without being committed to you at all.
  3. He does not take you to meet his folks or his friends even though you've been together a while now.
  4. He doesn't remember important dates, like your birthdays, etc., nor remembers anything much about you, like your likes and dislikes.
  5. You make excuses for him ... all the time, to your friends and family.
  6. You are putting far more effort and time into this 'relationship' than he is.