Thursday, October 14, 2010

Steer Crazy Questions From Online Daters!

Common Questions Asked By Would-Be Dates

Doesn't it get you steer-crazy when everytime someone contacts you on your online dating site they start questoning (interrogating) you to
bare your whole autobiography to them? Hello, I don't even know your name, or if it is genuine or anything about you at all ... ?

So don't be tempted (no matter how gorgeous the photo looks) to oblige that way, especially if you're new to online dating (and yes there are heaps of folks who have never used online dating before).

Even experienced people are not immune because they can be scammed by extremely cunning and unscrupulous individuals or organised crime impersonating as "singles looking for love".

So how much should you divulge?

These are some of the things you should watch out for:

  • Ask them to read your profile if they want more information 
  • Be careful in your dating profile that you do not divulge sensitive information
  • Be extremely careful in your Facebook and other Social Media profiles (non-deletable for some!)
  • Be very careful if they start to probe into your financial affairs
  • Do not divulge your date of birth, passport, social security number (or other similar details), place of birth or your address (it can lead to ID theft)
  • Be aware that you are vulnerable if you are lonely, just separated or bereaved and that this could make you the perfect target of unscrupulous criminals 
  • Heed his strange behaviour - do not dimiss if your gut instincts tell you differently.  Your instincts are more accurate often than your mind (which attempts to rationalise even weird behaviours) especially if you have been man-dry for quite some time.

You should be especially careful if several red flags have been triggered. Discussing with friends who are familiar with online dating can help you to see what is normal behaviour/ 'normal' online dating etiquette and what is not acceptable.  If in grave doubt don't meet them and report them to authorities both locally and on the site if there is a local office or contact available.