Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Signs Of A Gold Digger

Is She a Gold Digger? How Can You Tell?

Some women use online dating services for the primary reason to find men who will support them (and sometimes their whole family).

Sad but it's true that some women are not motivated solely by love.  You can spot gold-diggers from certain traits as they are not too subtle about their intentions nor bashful about what they want.

What Are these Traits - Here Are Some of Them:

  • She shows a strong interest if your profile depicts fancy cars or a house, or you've acknowledged your fianancial independence or wealth in your profile
  • She shows a lack or decline in interest as soon as you mention financial scarcity
  • She is interested in your wallet, your credit cards, your financial details.
  • She wants to be taken to very posh and expensive places and restaurants
  • She expects presents all the time especially expensive ones
  • She'll order the most expensive items on the menu
  • She expects to be spoilt and pampered and will not be subtle about this.
  • She is prepared to offer you sex in exchange for this style of living.
  • She may be seeing other sugar daddies too ... so don't count on her to be exclusively yours - in fact she is only exclusive to herself.
  • She is young and attractive - most probably decades younger than you.
  • And probably has had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. She may expect you to pay for some of her surgery by saying that it was for your benefit. 
  • She is highly manipulative, and she understands that your interest in her may be transient so she will extract as much as she can before you lose interest in her.
  • She will probably be good in bed (or pretend to be) and so fake orgasms ... for your benefit!
  • You may be attracted to date gold-diggers because you do not want complicated 'relationships'
  • Or you are older, in a 'mid'-life crisis and your ego needs to be flattered by the attentions of much younger women even though you know they are in it only for the money!
  • You like having a trophy-date on your arm to flatter your ego in public.
  • It's a 'marriage of convenience' if both of you date with your eyes open ... and your wallet can afford it!  For you will definitely have to foot the bill - she won't hang around if you are going to offer her fish and chips on newspaper or a ferry-trip on the Thames if she's expecting to jet-away to Monaco!
  • Nope, that girl is definitely not going to 'rough it'!  Just buy her lots of roses, furs and diamonds ....... every second day or two!
  • But then again, all you may wish to do is love them, then leave them! Happy days are here!
By the way, the same applies to the opposite sex too, with a few minor changes. It's true the game has been changing for some time because these days many women are economically independent and in fact quite wealthy - very wealthy in some cases! A single, well-established but lonely woman with a great career or business can be fair game for someone who is looking for a sugar-mommy! Provided you know what you are letting yourself in for, then by all means, be a sugar-mommy if it makes you happy and you are not hurting anyone else ... just be prepared to hand over the car-keys of your hot wheels!