Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do You Use Local Online Dating Sites?

Online Dating For Singles Looking For 2nd Chance LOVE

 Online dating sites have been around for awhile now. Many people are familiar
with the concept and most use them without too many qualms these days.

However, getting satisfaction from these services may be a little more elusive.

The more common complaints are:
  • people are not who they say they are
  • men just want sex
  • women just want "benefits" ie. free meals, movies, etc.
  • they are alot older than they declare in their profiles
  • they are bigger (in size) than their photos suggest
  • they use old (a decade sometimes) photos ie. younger-looking photos
  • they're unattractive (for those with no photos)
  • they're boring, dull
  • no chemistry
  • they're married (cheating their spouses)
  • they (men usually) come on too strong at the first 'date'
  • too touchy, feely on first date - ie. they want hugs, hand-holding, kisses!
  • too intense, 
  • humourless
  • nothing in common
  • lack 'normal' communication skills
  • lack 'normal' interpersonal skills
  • poor grooming
  • poor hygiene
  • your personal encounters?

What are your thoughts? Would you like to share your experiences?
Please feel free to contribute as we would love to hear from you.

Despite the issues associated with online dating, it is still one of the best ways to date and love again for many people who lead busy lives or who cannot access those places normally frequented by many people.

In fact, research has shown that online dating is more successful than other ways eg. meeting at pubs, church, or other local gatherings, when it comes to meeting and dating available singles.

In my next blog I will discuss some of these issues in more detail.
Dating and Falling In Love Again